Центр розвитку та популяризації Корейської Культури в Україні
Корейський Культурний Центр
Business Club

Business Club

Business Club was created to bring together successful active people – businessmen, managers, top managers.

There are several objectives that we would like to achieve:
–    improving the image of Korean businessmen in the progressive, high-tech business areas;
–    common information field, which would include a discussion of important topics, announcements and news, invitations to business events;
–    meetings of the Club members, development of business contacts among members of the Club and with representatives of national and international companies;
–    searching for links to develop your own business, working out ways of effective interaction with government; searching for new ideas, activities, exchange of experience.
–    social support to members of the Association of Koreans in Ukraine.

Benefits of membership in the club – is a club membership card of discount program from participating companies. At any time each member of this club can apply for professional advice from other members. Also club membership provides participation in thematic seminars, round tables, conferences and exhibitions etc.

Join our Club – be the first.

Alexander Ten
Head of the Business Club

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