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Find Korea’s best scuba diving on Jeju Island
Find Korea’s best scuba diving on Jeju Island

Find Korea’s best scuba diving on Jeju Island

Jeju Island located off the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, is one of the country’s best and most famous spots for scuba diving. In late 1970, the first diving center opened on Jeju, providing lessons and rentals.

The first flush of tourists who came for diving were primarily Japanese, but with more diving centers built in Seogwipo in the late 80s and 90s, Jeju has turned into a major diving destination.

Autumn is considered the best time of year to go diving around the island, and many divers have also started picking up cameras to record their underwater adventures.  In response, diving centers have expanded the range of services on offer to help everyone from novices to advanced divers.


Beautiful diving spots

Divers usually divide Jeju into north and south, with the southern half more popular for dives thanks to its dramatic black volcanic rock, kelp forests, and colorful coral and fish.  Seongsan Port and Udo Island on the east coast have become major diving spots, as well as offering fishing, hiking and bicycling, as well as a chance to experience Jeju’s unique traditional culture and natural beauty.

Another famed diving spot is the city of Seogwipo.  Most people have fishing boats drop them about ten minutes from port, allowing them to comfortably enjoy a fantastic seascape of gigantic coral reefs and see octopi, lionfish, scorpion fish and angelfish.  Another short boat ride away from Seogwipo is Sup Island, which also has significant coral reefs to explore.

On the north side of Jeju, Mun and Little Mun Islands are considered some of the best spots, including an underwater rope trail in the channel between the two islands to help divers enjoy the area despite strong currents.

Jeju-do is currently competing to be listed in the New Seven Wonders of the Nature, an initiative led by the Swiss-based non-profit New7wonders Foundation. The final winners will be announced after telephone and online voting is completed on November 10.

Link: www.korea.net

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