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  • Mikhail Park

    Mikhail Park is a Russian-Korean eminent painter and writer. He was born in Uzbekistan in 1949 and then graduated from the Dushanbe College of Fine Arts.

    He is famous not only in the post Soviet Union countries, but also in Korea and U.S. He received a lot of awards for his amazing works and he is not only a great painter and writer, but also a good man in real life. It was unspeakably interesting day, and while talking to him I found what I really want to do in my life.

    At first, our conversation reminded me of my childhood dream to be an artist, designer or painter. I remember I loved drawing when I was a child and I always got good grades in drawing classes, but after school I did nothing to become an artist, and I went to study languages. So, I have good news for you: Mikhail Park will give me painting classes and we will start this Saturday. I asked him where can I buy a box of paints, but he told me that as a beginner I won’t paint with paints, but I’ll draw only with a pencil to practice lines 😀

    I didn’t understand what he had meant, but I think it’ll be a laborious work and I am truly going to be an obedient student. I think even though I study languages, nothing prevents me from being an artist too. So from now on I include painting into the list of my hobbies. Fortunately, Korea is a country where I might find myself as an artist. All I need is a lot of free time and a desire to create.

    Link: http://eyesinkorea.blogspot.com

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